Your Guide to Getting Ready for Summer Weddings

Along with warm weather, summer brings many highly anticipated things. Barbecues, days at the beach, and nights out with friends are just a few but summer weddings top off the list. There’s nothing like seeing two people who love each other profess their everlasting love to one another under the warm summer sun. While summer weddings are incredible to attend it can be stressful knowing what to wear to them. After all, the weather is hot and you’re most likely going to be outside for some portion of it. But not to worry, we’ve got some great tips for how to get ready for summer weddings to keep reading!

The biggest and best tip we can give you is to know the details of the wedding and keep them in mind when picking out your outfit. Know the venue, the time of day, and whether the even is going to be inside and outside. The way you dress for an daytime wedding is drastically different from what you’re going to be expected to wear at an evening wedding so keep that in mind.


For daytime weddings try going with light colored sun dresses in materials like eyelet cotton, lace, and Georgette. These light materials will keep you cool under the summer sun and you’ll feel pretty and appropriate in them. Keep the makeup to a minimum to ensure that it doesn’t melt off from the summer heat. For a nighttime wedding you have a lot more options as far as getting dressed up goes.

In general evening occasions tend to fancier than daytime ones so you can have more fun with your clothes and makeup. It’s okay to be dramatic with either but always keep in mind that it’s the bride’s big day so try not to outshine her with your hair, makeup or dress. That being said, don’t be afraid to have fun!


Try a new updo you’ve wanted to experiment with or pull out that purple dress from the back of your closet that you haven’t work yet!

When it comes to occasions like weddings, they can run the risk of lasting a long time. Make sure you have a light shawl with you to cover your shoulders in case it starts to get cold at night. If the wedding is going to be at an outdoor venue, it’s a good idea to spray yourself with bug repellent before going to ensure that the mosquitoes stay far away.

When it comes to shoes, keep in mind that there will be dancing so make sure you’re wearing a pair that you can dance in or that are easy to get off before you hit the dance floor.

And at the end of the night remember to let loose and have a great time! Weddings are an occasion to celebrate even if you’re not the one getting married so have fun getting ready and enjoy the whole experience!


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