Velvet Blazer Perfection

Wow, would you take a look at this gorgeously well put together outfit?! The styling is superbly unique and quite vogue if we say so ourselves. We know we would definitely wear an outfit like this to work or for a gathering. The outfit is very polished and elegant, creating a very sophisticated vibe for whoever will be wearing it. Whether you choose to wear this look to the office or for a large social get together you will definitely be the talk of the town! We love the velvet blazer featured throughout this ensemble. It is small and form fitting, perfect for a warm day when you’re in need of the perfect lightweight piece. The deep red is such a striking color, creating a sultry yet classy effect. The color will really reflect from the sun and have you glowing, the velvet is soft to the touch and will be extremely comfortable for such a cute piece.


Underneath that beautiful red blazer is a white button down shirt. Button down shirts look so chic and are more than appropriate for the work place. The white looks amazing against the deep velvet and we love the peek-a-boo ends of the shirt toward the bottom of the sleeves. The button down was tucked into a pair of navy colored skinny jeans. These pants look so amazing on the models figure and emphasize her legs. Skinny jeans are great for work, they have you looking well put together but also give you the opportunity to flaunt what you’ve got! The jeans stop right above the ankle which in turn helps give off the illusion of longer looking legs – you can never go wrong with that!


The ensemble features an array of different shades of colors that all work and mesh beautifully together. Let us not forget about the gold pieced belt the model wore with her jeans. The gold makes its appearance against the dark wash of the jeans making a large impact. As small as the belt may be it does really help to complete the outfit. Shoes were kept simple and neutral with a pair of black pumps with a gold-rimmed underside. The pumps are quite sleek and really give you that extra oomph and height for a day out. A golden watch was worn against her wrist going along her golden belt, and a chic pair of sunnies that really framed her face. The model went for a small handbag that matched well with her jacket but any purse you already own will look amazing as well!


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