Simple Recreations

This outfit is definitely one of the easiest outfits to recreate and is also extremely chic! We love a good simple outfit; it requires minimal effort yet can really look so put together and well dressed. You’ve got to agree – this outfit is too! cute. A look like this can be worn for a get together or date night out with your significant other. The pieces used throughout this outfit can definitely be found in your own wardrobe or bought for an extremely inexpensive price at your local retailer. The model is seen rocking a simple grey tank. This grey tank really helps create such a casual look. The top isn’t too dressed up but fits in perfectly with the outfit. Any tank like this one can be used to create this stylish look. Tank tops like the one seen on the model are so affordable so if you haven’t purchased one don’t expect to pay a bundle of cash. You can purchase a tank top for as little as $2.


For bottoms, the model wore a gorgeous all white asymmetrical skirt. The grey tank top was tucked in very loosely into the skirt and meshed beautifully. Asymmetrical skirts are very trendy these days as they feature a small slit that creates a very sultry look. We recommend purchasing an asymmetrical skirt as they are a nice switch up from the regular pencil skirts that everyone has become used to. If you’re looking to buy an asymmetrical skirt than Boohoo and Forever 21 would be your best bets. They come in an abundant amount of colors and designs. If you’re looking to recreate this exact look then purchasing a white skirt would be the best choice!


Now onto shoes, the model wore a pair of strapped cuffed sandal heels. They are a beautiful neutral brown and make the outfit appear so effortless. To possibly glam the outfit up a bit more you could opt for a pair of black laced heels. For accessories the model wore a few simple gold bracelet pieces on her wrist and a silver cross necklace on her neck. Forever 21 is the perfect store to purchase gold and silver jewelry, they sell them as low as $2 and have so many different pieces and designs to choose from. Forever 21 is our definite go to for inexpensive jewelry that is also extremely cute. The model went with a printed clutch that added to the simplicity of the outfit.


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