Pastel Joggers

This look is the ultimate mixture of feminine and casual street style – what a beautiful combination of trends! This look is so appealing to the eye; it’s definitely an eye-catching outfit for a look so simple and chic. This outfit appears so effortless yet still features a few pieces that help it look very well dressed and stylish. An outfit like this cannot go by unnoticed, we just had to write about this gorgeous ensemble. The outfit starts off with a simple white tank. The tank hangs loosely along the model’s shoulders and we love how carefree it looks. A tank like this is perfect for spring and summer when the weather is feeling hot and you need to cool off. We do love that the tank doesn’t cling to the skin, which leaves a more airy feeling and creates a comfy yet chic look.


One thing we are obsessed with are those stunning pink joggers! You have to be as in love with them as we are! Such a beautifully colored pair of pants, the pastel pink creates and radiates femininity throughout the look. The joggers are chic and so comfy while looking effortlessly stylish. The white tank was tucked in toward the front of the joggers to show of the waistline and was left to hang carelessly on the sides. These joggers feature two pants pockets and get slightly more form fitted toward the bottoms. The color of the bottoms helps create the feminine feeling, as any pair of sweatpants would give more of a tomboyish look.


American Apparel and Boohoo will most definitely be your go to in finding such a fashionable clothing piece. A pair of joggers like these can be worn while doing errands or still looking cute while having a day out with your friends. Just imagine the possibilities with this chic piece. We know we are! For shoes the model went with a pair of pumps that resembled her joggers. A pair of nude pumps would work just as well. If you really wanted to create a more street style-esque feel you can always go for a pair of sneakers. A long golden-chained simple necklace was worn on the model’s neck creating a girlier look and stylish pair of sunglasses was used as well. The model remained within her color scheme by wearing an all white purse along her ensemble – a tan purse would be a great choice too!


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