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Hair loss is a common problem for men in the United States. By age 35, nearly two-thirds of all American men have some degree of hair loss. Twenty-five percent of them start losing their hair before they are 21.

Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss, and it can occur almost anywhere on the body. When hair loss occurs on the head, it is called baldness. Many factors can contribute to male baldness including heredity, medical conditions and the medicines used to treat them.

Some men prefer to let their hair loss continue on its natural course. Others turn to prescription medications, herbal solutions or surgical procedures to treat baldness. Most men, however, cover their bald heads with caps, hats, scarves, wigs, toupees or hair pieces.

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Wigs, toupees and hair pieces are good alternatives to medical hair loss treatments. Some men do not respond well to hair growth medications, and surgery is not for everyone. The mens wigs at and similar companies are high-quality products that look as natural as real hair. They can be a temporary or permanent solution to temporary or permanent baldness.

Because every man is different, custom designs are the best choice for wigs, toupees and hair pieces. Companies like Advent Hair manufacture custom hair systems that give men confidence and help them look their best. The hair units are made from various materials and tailored to custom specifications.

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Men’s Custom Fitting Hair

Most hair pieces are available with hair color, highlights or different degrees of gray. They also come in different densities, textures and waves. The most common base materials are skin grafts, French lace and fine monofilament.

Ordering a replacement hair system has never been easier before as now on websites like Advent Hair. No matter what type of hair piece a man desires, these companies manufacture it to custom specifications. They also keep past orders on file so men can easily order replacement units.

Men's Hairpieces: Mens Wigs

Men’s Hairpieces

Purchasing a men’s wig, toupee or hair piece is as easy as three simple steps. The first step involves careful consideration of hair type, style and pattern. During the second step, men use certain self-fitting techniques to measure the scalp for a proper fit. Order completion and payment make up the third step.

The Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit

After men receive their new hair pieces, the company that sold them the wig follows up with them. These follow-ups ensure that the wig, toupee or hair piece fits properly. Repeat customers also get a significant discount on future replacement hair system.


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