How to Rock Yellow

Yellow is a fun and bright color but is often over looked and feared. Fear no more, yellow is a great color that truly anyone can pull off with the right look and outfit combination. Skin tones can be the trickiest with this color but don’t cut it out completely before I can change your mind.

If you are a little hesitant try adding yellow into your outfits in small ways. Shoes, bags or accessories are a great way to add a pop of yellow without being over zealous. Opt out of things close to the face at first. Once you have gotten comfortable with a brighter color added in try expanding to more prominent pieces.


First think about complimentary colors:

  • Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, and Red

Now consider the perfect outfit combinations:

Blouses: Tops are hard to work with because skin tones may not agree. Try different shades of yellow with your skin. Pale and bright yellows may not work for fair skinned ladies but can be great for olive or dark tones. Mustard is an all around safe shade for all skin tones. Pair this bold color with a solid or neutral bottom.

Pants and Skirts: Both of these pieces can be considered one in the same when it comes to outfit creation. They are both on your bottom half which can make for a fun and funky outfit. Have fun and pair with a bold printed top. Polka dots, horizontal stripes, animal print or geometric patterns can really pull together a fantastic look.


Jackets or Cardigans: These pieces are a great addition to any outfit and can really help create a pop when yellow. Try not to over do the outfit when adding a yellow layer, neutrals with a secondary complimentary color is a nice bold yet not overdone outfit choice.

Dresses: For a bold and bright look a yellow dress can create a fun statement look. Since you are wearing something so full of life pair it with neutral accessories and pieces.


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