How to Properly Pick Out a Formal Dress

Picking out a dress for a formal occasion like prom, a wedding, or a party can be tough! While its really fun to look through and try on a bunch of fancy and sparkly dresses, it can get frustrating if you don’t find the right one quickly. It can be difficult to know which cut, color, style, and length suits you the best, especially if you’re shopping on your own. But with a few pointers you’ll not only find the perfect dress for any big occasion, you’ll make it look easy!

Bring a friend with you when you go shopping! While it can be therapeutic to go shopping alone sometimes, its almost always more fun when you have a few of your closest friends with you. When you’re buying a dress for a big occasion, it’s better to have someone with you who can give you an honest opinion about how it looks on you. Make sure the person or people who you bring with you are people that you trust and people that you think have good taste in fashion. If the two of you have totally opposite ideas of what looks good then it’s going to be a frustrating experience rather than a pleasant one. The best part about bringing a friend with you when you go shopping is that they can easily see the dress from angles that might not be clear to you such as the back. Make sure you do a 360 to ensure that the dress looks great from all sides!


Choosing a dress for a big occasion is going to be a bit of an investment so you want to make sure that the dress is something you can wear more than once. While it might be tempting to pick the most over the top dress you can find, remember that if you pick something that’s slightly simpler you can dress it up in a number of different ways! For example, a black embellished maxi dress is something you can dress up or down and wear with different accessories. Each time you wear it, it will have a different impact. Keep this in mind when choosing your dress.


Make sure the cut of the dress flatters your body. We all have different body shapes but every single one is beautiful! Make sure that whatever dress you choose complements your body shape rather than detracts from it. Formal wear is no longer just limited to floor length dresses that are strapless. Today you can find dresses that are halter cut, sleeveless, with sleeves, short long, you name it! Try on a few different styles if you’re not sure which one will suit you the most!


With these easy tricks, the next time you shop for a formal dress will be fun and easy!


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