How to get in on the Menswear Trend

This past year, menswear has made a comeback in the fashion industry. With everyone from Angelina Jolie to Jessica Alba rocking pantsuits, it’s easy to see why this fashion forward trend is carving its place in the world of women’s fashion. While this trend might seem intimidating to try, the results will definitely be worth it when you see how great you look!


If you’ve never tried menswear before, it could be difficult to jump into it right away especially for those of us girly-girls. But fear not, because this is one trend you can definitely ease yourself into! Start by rocking a plain white button down shirt with something simple like black dress pants, or a cute vest over it. In order to give the white shirt a more menswear vibe, try buying a size up for a more relaxed fit. If you go with dress pants, try pants that are wide legged.


While skinny jeans have been in fashion for a while, wide legged pants are making a comeback. Pair them with a super high heal to put the ultimate twist on the trend. Just because the pieces you’re wearing are inspired by menswear doesn’t mean that the entire outfit has to be dark or masculine. With menswear the trick is to mix feminine pieces with traditional pieces. Add a bright high heel, a cute fedora, a pink clutch or some statement necklaces for the perfect combination.


A suit is something that’s almost always associated with menswear but you can definitely put a feminine spin on this as well. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a pant suit, try a suit with a skirt. Don’t think that the two pieces have to match! Try mixing up colors, materials, and styles to put your own twist on this trend. For example, pair a structured black blazer with a sequined pencil skirt to mix things up! Not only will you look incredibly chic, you’ll make your outfit look distinct from everyone else around you!


Always remember that fashion is all about having fun! So with any trend, don’t be afraid to take risks or interpret it your own way! You’ll end up looking better by putting your own twist on an outfit than by copying something straight out of a magazine!


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