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Hello fashion fans! I am Miss Mascara and I run The Powder Bar. I will be your resident make-up and hair expert new to the Eliza’s family. Let’s face it.. nothing compliments an amazing outfit like perfect hair and make-up.

Today’s topic: the smokey eye!

This is once again in style for the fall/winter season. When deciding what color palette to use on your eyes just remember you want to pick a color scheme that will make your eyes POP. For example, if you have brown or green eyes then smokey plums and deep eggplant colors will bring out their true depth. If your eyes are blue then a silver/gray combination would be a great choice. Then there is always the bronze family which is a perfect choice for any eye color. This make-up technique is the perfect addition to your homecoming look but many find this intimidating to do and hard to achieve.

Below are step by step instructions to achieve the ever popular Smokey Eye.

Just remember before you do anything to your eyes you want to apply some sort of eye primer or base. Every make-up line carries one. My recommendation is Too Faced Shadow Insurance which you can get at Sephora. This will keep your shadow from creasing and make the pigment brighter instead of muted on your lid.



Step 1: After you applied the base to your eye you are going to take a shimmery light shade and apply it to the entire lid from your eyebrow to your lash line with a fluffy eye shadow brush. Make sure you concentrate the color along your eyebrow because this is what will highlight the entire look.

Step 2: Select a medium shade color, and with the same fluffy brush shadow in from lash line up to about ¾ of your lid. You are going to use windshield wiper movements to ensure perfect blending of the 1st and 2nd step.

Step 3: Next you are going to extend that medium color to the outer corner of your eye and bring it down softly underneath your bottom lashes.

Step 4: With the darkest color you are going to use a stiff flat brush and pat down the shadow on the lower lid area. You do not want to go back and forth as in step 2 or you will have shadow everywhere but your eye. You are going to use more of stippling technique like you are patting it on the lid right next to the lashes. Note: The darkest color never goes above the crease of your eye. You want all the colors to blend into each other but you definitely want to see the colors go from dark to medium to light.

Step 5: With a black, or dark brown waterproof liner you are going to line the inner rim of lower lash line and the base of your upper lashes. Waterproof is the best for this look because the rim of your eye always stays wet and therefore will cause the liner to run if it is not waterproof.

Step 6: With a pencil brush or the same flat in Step 4 you are going to take the darkest color and go back and forth on the bottom lash line. You can make this as thick thin as you want. The thicker the line the more dramatic your eyes will be.

Step 7: Finish off your look by curling your eyelashes and loading on the mascara. If you really want to make a statement a pair of false eyelashes can tie it all in.

There you have it. You no longer need to be afraid of a dark sultry eye!

Do you have make-up and hair topics you to see on Eliza?? Email me at [email protected] and I will be sure to cover it!

Peace, Love, & Lip Gloss,

Miss Mascara

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