How to Wear Boyfriend’s Jeans The Chic Way

This outfit encompasses the idea of looking so chic and stylish. Many trends are put together throughout this ensemble and create the most outrageously fashionable outfit. From the boyfriend jeans to the grey scarf, this outfit is perfect for feeling comfy while still looking extremely well done. Whether it’s appearing casual for work or out and about through the city, this outfit can do no wrong in our opinion!


Of course the quintessence of all that is effortlessly styled is the plain white V-neck. Quite amazing how you can take such a simple piece and go so far with it, like this outfit per se. Stocking up on plain tee’s are definitely something we recommend, they can really help you when creating a chic and simple outfit. Of course rocking the most popular trend out there to this day are the boyfriend jeans. Slouchy, casual and comfy? Sign us up! If we could wear boyfriend jeans every single day we would. From the styles to the washes boyfriend jeans are always a must for days when you want to appear cute and comfy. Pulling off the boyfriend jean effortlessly this model contributed the rising trend into her outfit incredibly, having them create the perfect atmosphere of comfortably chic.


Now, we know all eyes are on those glam leopard heels! Spicing up the outfit with a little print, this model knew how to incorporate that trend into her look quite well. No bright colors were needed to steal away from the outfit’s whole appearance, just a very fabulous pair of shoes to contribute to the all round stylish ensemble. With a lightweight heather grey scarf wrapped around her neck and a simple quarter sleeved cardigan this outfit is definitely one worth recreating. Whether it be by adding your own personal touches and styling what the outfit stands for is one trend we wont be missing out on this year.


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