Dream Come True Look

It’s like falling in love all over again, with an outfit of course! This outfit is something we could only envision in our wildest dreams brought to life. Well, we may be exaggerating a little but this outfit happens to be absolutely stunning. Perfect for the spring and summer time this outfit features a source of vibrant colors. We just can’t get over how incredibly unique and gorgeously put together this outfit appears. Yet another one to include next time we go out shopping. The top is a white strapless crop with lace detailing. We go crazy for lace detailing so no wonder we’re in love with this top with such an elegant and chic design. We know for sure ASOS or Nastygal is bound to have a few crops like the one shown here for prices right in your budget.


Baring a slight midriff, the model wore a striking pair of floral printed leggings. Spring is when the flowers begin to bloom so why not rejoice in that by wearing a gorgeous pair of floral leggings. The colors are vibrant and stand out tremendously especially when placed next to the white. Printed leggings have been very trendy this year so why not indulge in a pair similar to these! Leggings are extremely figure flatter ing, accentuating every curve leaving you looking amazing. Our top store for all that is printed leggings would definitely be Forever 21. Forever 21 has a vast supply of leggings of all kinds of prints and designs for such low prices.


You could purchase 3 pairs and still not over exceed your budget. Picking a color from her striking pants and staying true to it, the model decided on a reddish copper colored pair of laced boots. The boots look amazing and were an excellent choice in shoe. Completing this outstanding look was a large white loose blazer that fit effortlessly onto the model. It created a very casual essence onto the look and meshed in beautifully. The model carried a blue and gold accented backpack and wore an amazing pair of rounded sunglasses. When accessorizing it virtually is up to you, we think a gold watch would work as an amazing accessory unto the look.


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