Denim on Denim

What an amazing way to style the trend that is denim on denim. What’s not to love about this chic trend? Celebrities from all over seem to agree with us as well, rocking the trend as often as they can. Denim on denim is quite easy to recreate into your own look and whether you’re looking to switch it up at work or put on something stylish to go out for lunch with friends denim is always a perfect choice. If you’ve been searching for some ideas on how to wear denim on denim we have found one perfect outfit featured above that we thought would be appropriate and chic for almost all occasions.


Starting her denim ensemble the model wore a denim button down. We think denim button downs are the essence of all that is chic. The model buttoned her top almost all of the way while leaving one undone, as she tucked in one side of the top while leaving the other tousled. We love the disheveled and carefree vibe we get off from this look. We love that although some outfits aren’t perfectly put together that’s what makes them look even better! Steal one of your significant other’s button down and create the perfect tousled top. Bottoms-wise the model went for a pair of distressed denim boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans seem to be making an appearance into almost every outfit (not that we mind!).


Whether you choose to incorporate the style of the boyfriend jeans into your denim on denim look is up to you! Any pair of denim jeans is appropriate for this trend whether they be skinny jeans or wide leg. Giving her look more of a city chic sense the model topped her button down with a fitted black blazer. The blazer goes gorgeously with the outfit making it appear much more suitable for work. Why not liven your denim on denim look with a hot pink blazer, or a mint one! Don’t be afraid to draw attention with bright pops of color, that’s what their purpose is! Keeping the shoe clean, the model wore a pair of silver pointed toe heels. A pair of white or nude heels can really help polish the look off making it seem more elegant. Throw on a few accessories and grab your handbag and your good to go.


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