Candice Swanepoel’s Sweet Style

Even when not on the runway stunning in her angel wings, Candice Swanepoel, manages to look exceptionally beautiful wherever else she happens to be. Although Candice manages to be one of the biggest models within the industry her style has always remained so extraordinarily simple and cute. We’re not talking about when she’s off to events, more so when she’s out and about going on with her everyday life. Candice always keeps it down to earth wearing clothes that flatter her exceptional figure while still fitting in with today’s trends. We just happen to have fallen in love over and over again when it came to this ensemble.


Keeping the look so feminine yet simple Candice really knows how to put together an outfit. That fuzzy baby pink crop top is going to be the death of us. C’mon, how adorably chic is that? Not only does it reveal the perfect amount of Candice’s taut tummy that has every girl envious, but would be absolutely beautiful for the spring and summer. We believe that our favorite stores Boohoo or Missguided would definitely have something similar to Candice’s top in stock. Wearing a light wash pair of high waisted jeans kept Candice’s outfit looking so girly and sweet. We definitely approve of the wash in jeans, a darker color would’ve just washed the look out completely taking away from the color scheme. Besides, the light washed jeans just look better in our opinion!


One of our favorite pair of jeans would definitely be the high waisted jean. Clearly making a comeback from the 70’s, high waisted jeans are so figure flattering and are perfect for accentuating your bum and legs. If you’re looking to find a pair of jeans like Candice’s here, American Apparel is probably your best bet for their incredibly cute high waisted jeans, shorts, and pants. Remaining within her softer and delicate tones Candice Swanepoel wore a nude sandal heel that provided the model height, making her already seemingly long legs appear even longer. There’s never anything wrong with adding a bit of height into your look! Finishing off her look, Candice wore a pair of round lens sunglasses that framed her face ever so perfectly, and a sleek large black handbag.


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