Bobbi Brown Makeup Tips

I’m going to share some of my favorite Bobbi Brown makeup tips with all of you! A lot of girls make the mistake of slabbing on a lb of makeup on a regular basis. It’s definitely fun to play around with makeup, but no one wants to look like a 50 cent hooker or be referred to as Cake Face McGee.


1. Rules do apply – A dark smokey eye just isn’t quite right for school on Tuesday morning. Save the crazy makeup for going out at night or on the weekend. Keep it simple and natural for school and hanging out with friends.

2. All over foundation is not necessary. Cream or stick foundation is perfect for covering up an unwanted zit.

3. Mistake Proof Colors: Pale & natural shades that look like natural washes of color on the face.

4. Shine is O.K for lips but not for the rest of the face. Super shiny and glimmery faces will just appear oily.

5. Use a Creme Blush – looks natural and goes on easily.

6. Body abuse = bad skin. Drugs and alcohol make you look beat up! (You’re skin will be dehydrated and flaky) Not Cuteee! And smoking will make your beautiful young complexion gray and ashy with some big dark circles under your eyes.

Beauty In Your Backpack:

You don’t need to take all the makeup you own to school.

1. Powder Compact w/ Mirror to fix t-zone shininess

2. Foundation to cover up pimples

3. Lipstick/gloss

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