Audrina Patridge’s Effortless Style

This outfit right here is right up our alley! Casual chic and oh so effortless – we’ll take one please! We will definitely be recreating this look next time we go out to grab lunch or run some errands. Why not look cute and stylish next time you’re out and about doing a few tasks?! It’s simple and easy to recreate, not to mention also requires minimal effort. With our busy lives these days we could definitely go for something trendy yet casual. Like all effortless outfits this one begin with a plain black tee. Oh, the power of the plain t-shirt. We’ve mentioned the versatility of the plain t-shirt multiple times as they are one of the most affordable pieces that can be used throughout almost any look.

As you can see, television personality Audrina Patridge wore an all black one that looked amazing with her light washed skinny jeans. What really kept the look from appearing too slouchy were the gorgeous skinny jeans. These jeans feature a very distressed look and were so flattering on Audrina. We love the light wash as it stands out against the black t-shirt. Jeans and a simple plain tee can go a long way to create the perfect ensemble. We just cannot keep our eyes off of these jeans! A pair of distressed jeans is an absolute necessity to your wardrobe. Purchase a pair of these chic and stylish figure flatterers at Forever 21 as they carry an enormous amount of distressed skinnies from all lengths and sizes that will have you in awe.

Audrina Patridge Airport

Bringing a little bit of grunge into this classic look is a well-put flannel tied around Audrina’s waist. This trend has become extremely popular last year providing the look with the edge it needs. It appeared so casually placed and meshed so well you would imagine that no thought went into it! Flannel is an extremely popular trend and any piece of plaid that you may own would make as the perfect accessory to tie onto your waist. Really keeping this look city chic the model opted for a killer pair of open toed booted heels. A pair of heels like these is extremely great for a quick day out where you want to add a little height to your look! These heels are awfully cute; we must go out and find a pair for ourselves! Finish off your casually chic look with a simple clutch and a trendy pair of sunnies!


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