An All White Outfit

Most of us girls are terrified of the idea of wearing an all white outfit. From the thought of spilling something on it to getting it dirty, there are quite a few ways that an all white outfit can go wrong. However, if you’re super careful you can easily rock an all white outfit and look amazing while doing so! Here are just a few reasons why you should consider wearing white from head to toe.

Wearing all white from head to toe makes you look slimmer and taller! Did you know that by wearing one color from top to bottom  you can instantly transform the way your figure looks? It’s scientifically proven that wearing an all white outfit draws the eye upward and by doing so, it elongates the look of your proportions! If that’s not reason enough to convince you to try an all white outfit then keep reading!


Because white is such a neutral color, it automatically makes the perfect palette for experiment with bright and bold accessories? Do you have that one neon blazer in your closet that you never know what to wear with? What about those bright flats that seem too bold for any outfit? An all white outfit is the perfect way to make use of some of those bolder, experimental items. The same goes for makeup. Because a white outfit seems subdued, no matter how classy it is, it’s the place to try a hot pink lip or a green smokey eye! A white dress with a bold lip is the definition of stylish!


If these reasons aren’t enough to try an all white outfit, just think about how easy it easy to throw on, on those days where you can’t decide what to wear! We all have those days when we stand in front of our closets throwing clothes all over our bedroom floors because nothing seems to go together. On those days, trying pairing a pair of white jeans with a white t-shirt or sweater and there you have it, the perfect outfit!


While wearing white will always be a little scary, by putting on the right accessories and being just an extra bit careful, you will be able to rock this look like never before!


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