Fashion trend: Acid Wash Jeans

Acid wash jeans are definitely something to rave about. The styling of these jeans have been seen on multiple fashion icons and celebrities – the trend it just too good to resist! When you purchase an acid wash pair of jeans, shorts, and skirts it’s a great switch up from the everyday light to dark wash jeans. The design is great for spring and summer and also perfect at making its way into fall. As you can see above this outfit included a striking pair of acid wash jeans that really completed the look. Keeping it basic yet trendy the model is seen wearing an all black crop top. The crop top has a turtleneck base and the sleeves are non-existent.


This whole ensemble really makes its stand against the basic jeans and t-shirt giving itself a more put together vibe. We like that the model chose a black colored top as the light wash denim jeans stand out even more against the dark color. A crop top with a pair of jeans is an extraordinarily chic look that looks well dressed while requiring a very small amount of effort. The jeans had a slight distressed appearance and are high waisted. The model rolled her jean bottoms upwards above the ankle looking well done and stylish. We highly recommend purchasing yourself a pair of acid wash jeans, whether they are in boyfriend style or skinny jeans. They’re an amazing piece to mix and match and provide any look a more eye-catching attention. We know if we were to purchase a pair of acid wash jeans we would definitely buy them from Boohoo and ASOS. They keep their pricing relatively reasonable and have a huge selection of choices.


Continuing with keeping her jeans the main attraction the model opted for a pair of black booted heels. Black does look absolutely brilliant throughout this outfit, helping those striking jeans stand out on their own. Any black crop or tank that you own along with any black sneaker or flat can work as a recreation instead of going out rampant searching for exact pieces and placing quite the hefty dent in your budget. Mainly wanting to keep the attention on the outfit bare to no accessories were included except a few ring pieces and a simple gold bracelet. Whichever you decide to do, whether that be piling on the accessories or keeping them to a minimum don’t forget to include your favorite sunglasses to the group! Rocking a pair of all black glasses the model looked beautifully styled and so would you!

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