5-Minute Beauty Routine for Busy Mornings

Are you short on time in the mornings? Perhaps you like to sleep in, or maybe you have a bunch of kids to get ready. Regardless, this might leave you with little time to help yourself look fabulous for the day. Since looking good is important, you might need to take advantage of this five-minute beauty routine. It will save you time without compromising how you look each day.

Use Hair Extensions

beauty routine 1 - hair extensionFirst, take advantage of synthetic hair extensions. Although this beauty tip sounds like more work, it actually minimizes the time it takes to style your hair. All you need to do is clip them in and your hair will look fabulous. In fact, there are even wigs that you can use so that you do not have to mess with your own hair at all. This is what most women refer to as no fuss beauty. Even better, most hair extensions and wigs look much better than your own hair. Therefore, you can always count of having an amazing hair day.

Apply All-In-One Face Creams

Next, most women need several creams for their face. These include some of the following:


beauty routine 2 - Clinique BB CreamIt can take several minutes to apply all of these creams, which means that most women will not do it if they are short on time. Instead of worrying about each individual cream, it might be better to find a cream that has all of these in one product. Typically, bb creams and cc creams provide these benefits. If you need more coverage, you can always mix your foundation with the cream to speed up the process.

Use a Jumbo Liner

beauty routine 3 - jumbo linerIf you have browsed a beauty store, you have probably noticed jumbo crayons that look like large eyeliners. These are great options for women who are short on time. They work as eyeliner and eye shadow. You can line your eyes with them and use your brush or a finger to blend the product over the ball of your eye. This creates a soft, smoky eye look.

Apply Lipstick on Your Cheeks

beauty routine 4 - Elizabeth Arden Ultra LipstickWhen you are short on time, it makes sense to use products that can multi-task. After all, it takes time to look through your makeup bag for another product. For this reason, when you are applying lipstick, consider dabbing a small amount on you cheeks. You can blend this product for a nice flush of color. It will flow nicely with your lip color. You can also apply a cream blush to your lips. Both methods save time and are effective ways at creating balance in your face.

Get Eyelash Extensions

beauty routine 5 - eyelash extensionFinally, since you are short on time in the mornings, it might be wise to invest in eyelash extensions. This will allow you to skip mascara in the morning. You will wake up with beautiful lashes each morning. Once you do the steps mentioned above, you will be ready to walk out the door.

It is easier than it sounds to transform your appearance in five minutes. Try the five-minute beauty routine today for the difference you are seeking. You will be glad you did.


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