Mode-sty Bridal

Loving this dress from Mōde-sty. Check out their site for  a handful of modest wedding dresses that are classic and pretty, and of course modest! I love it when you don’t have to slap some sleeves on a dress, the design usually suffers. When the designer puts sleeves on with purpose it tends to look more finished.


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I wear spring flowers in my hair. Eat cake for lunch. Love to be in love. And love writing about wedding stuff. My style is modern vintage or timeless high-fashion. Let me know if I missed a fabulous wedding dress designer/bridal tip/perfect bridal accessory.
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One Response to Mode-sty Bridal

  1. Emily says:

    It’s still showing elbows, ankles and legs. That’s not very modest in my culture. I wouldn’t dare step inside a synagogue in this frock.

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