Vicente Villarin’s Sping 2009

Vicente Villarin’s Spring 2009 show was inspired by “organized chaos” and stained glass. The combination of chaos with order was realized in the structured yet effortless, playful yet elegant clothes. Hard-edged jackets over floaty gowns, simple striped dresses adorned with fragile pleats and ruching. The woman who wears these wants a fluid look that could easily go from uptown to downtown.

The way light reflects different colors in stained glass defined the color palette. There were soft, neutral tones with the occasional bursts of color like rust, fuchsia and turquoise. Coats the color of dark shadows hung over sea-foam green dresses looked like they were drowned in light.

Hair and make-up followed the same inspiration. MAC created a refined yet approachable look that also played with light reflection. Rosy cheeks and pink lips contrasted nicely with darker eyes. Eyes were rimmed in dark brown liner, smudged to look slightly imperfect, and then swept with a silver shadow that changed color in different lighting.

Hair was was given subtle volume, via a crown of braids at the top of the head, and then pulled up into a French twist. The chaotic twist came from pulling wisps out as if the classic ‘do was caught in a wind storm. You couldn’t tell if the look required hours or minutes to achieve, but looked lovely none the less.

Overall Vicente Villarin’s clothes looked delicate but wearable–nothing intimidating and very beautiful. In this case, “organized chaos” translates to beauty.

- Amber Acosta

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